Will everyone be able to supply fiber-reinforced concrete?

The Higher Council of Public Works (Central Technical Office) has published a very important document on the subject of NTC 2018, the “Guidelines for the identification, qualification, technical assessment certification and acceptance control of FRC fiber-reinforced concrete ( Fiber Reinforced stamped concrete supplier) “.

These guidelines were approved by Decree of the President of the Superior Council of Public Works n. 208 of 9 April 2019 as, as the decree itself states, “it is deemed necessary and urgent … to allow the activities of the Central Technical Service relative to the issuing of certifications of technical suitability for the use of materials and construction products for structural use and not subject to CE marking “.

They are therefore already implemented, there is no need to wait for other measures or journals. And they are mandatory.

INGENIO had long been aware of the publication of these Guidelines on Fibrorinforzati Concrete , thanks to an article by Prof. Giovanni Plizzari, and subsequently with other references in other studies, as in the article of Ing. Pierini Christian in which a first criticism of this document was evidently already circulating ( Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) and Circular: still too attached to the prescriptive approach. )

FRC fiber-reinforced concrete qualification guidelines: scope and field of application
Everything comes from the current Technical Standards for Construction – NTC 2018, which require, in point 11.1, that all construction materials and products, when used for structural use, must be identified and possess specific qualification for the intended use and must also be subject to checks during the acceptance phase by the Works Manager.

I cannot fail to point out that the NTCs use the verb “DEBBANO”, which is why we are talking about something compulsory.

To this end, the NTCs provide that the materials and construction products for structural use, when not CE marked in accordance with EU Regulation No. 305/2011 or not provided with ETA (European Technical Assessment) pursuant to art. 26 of Regulation (EU) n. 305/2011, must be in possession of a “Technical Assessment Certificate” (CVT) issued by the Central Technical Service (hereinafter STC) , based on guidelines approved by the Superior Council of Public Works.

And now the Guidelines have been published for the Reinforced Fibro Concrete.

Concrete Producers forced to certify their recipes
But who is this new obligation? it concerns the entire concrete sector, from those who prescribe to those who use it, but above all those who produce fiber-reinforced concrete. Every system that wants to supply a conglomerate with fibers – ready-mixed concrete, premixed mortar, … – will have to obtain this type of certification.

In fact, the Guidelines provide that “manufacturer” means:

“concrete and / or mortar manufacturing plants that supply the product ready for use on site;
companies that produce and sell premixed dry products, to which water must be added on site;
companies that intend to produce FRC independently for a specific site, under the guidance and responsibility of the construction manager. ”
The role of the Works Management also changes, as the Guidelines identify all the controls that the Works Management must carry out in the material acceptance phase.

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